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Beginners Tips for Working from Home

Many employees have shifted to working from home since the COVID-19 Pandemic has forced a stay home order from our government officials. For a lot of us, we are adapting to the new normal of this environment and are juggling to manage work life balance. Here are a few tips for making a successful transition to the new work from home lifestyle.

1) Make a Space. Have a spot where you can feel organized, with all the tools you need to get work done. You may not have a home office, so create a space in a bedroom or separate area if possible. 2) Dress for Success. Get dressed for work in the morning, as if you were going in to the office. A “Get Ready for Work” routine helps focus! 3) Shut the Door. Many of us have kids, partners, and family living with us. If you can create privacy, it will help your focus and productivity. A sign on the door can help establish boundaries during work hours. 4) Keep in Touch. Create a plan with your supervisor for how you’ll communicate and cooperate. Zoom, Skype, and Drive can be helpful tools. 5) Organize Your Day. Plan a schedule for each day (doing this the night before can be helpful). “Chunk” your time, allocating segments of time and energy to different tasks to ensure everything gets done. 6) Shut Down Distractions. Turn off notifications on your (personal) phone, Facebook, email, etc. Check in every hour or two, but don’t let notifications from devices derail your focus. Avoid doing laundry, multi-tasking, or having TV on in the background, especially in the beginning. 7) Beware Burnout. Some people who shift to remote work have trouble shutting off and going home" when the work day is through. Establish your working hours with your manager, and give yourself some down time at the end of the day. 

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