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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FEAH stand for?

FEAH stands for the Financial Education Alliance of Hawaii. It is the goal of FEAH to provide educational opportunities to all financial institution employees


How do I register for a FEAH Class?

Registrations may be submitted through your organization's FEAH representative.


What if I sign up for a class, but need to cancel? - I.e. a family emergency comes up.

Consult your FEAH representative, some fees and material expenses may still need to be paid for.

If I quit my company, may I continue to take the FEAH class?

Consult your FEAH representative, some fees and material expenses may still need to be paid for.

How do you determine the kinds of classes offered?

Suggestion from students are definitely solicited, while trying to solicit instructors with the expertise on the topic. The challenge is continually finding new topics and getting the best instructors in that area.

How do I find out how many credits I have earned?

Consult your FEAH representative for transcipt credits.

If classes are filled, will there be more offered in the semester?

A waiting list can be created in determining if another class should be offered in that semester, or for the following semester.

What are the tuition and textbook costs for each course?

The tuition and textbook costs vary according to the length of the class and the cost in purchasing or creating the textbooks/handouts.

Who pays for these courses?

Consult your FEAH representative or employer.

Who are the instructors for the courses?

Instructors are interviewed and selected by the FEAH board of directors. The instructors are from both inside and outside of the financial industry. If you are interested to be an instructor for FEAH, please Click Here.

What happens if I don’t attend or complete a course that I have enrolled in?

Students communicate their situations to their FEAH representative and in turn, the instructor is notified.

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